About Me

MUM HHCC ProfileMy name is Michele Uriarte – Matrai and I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, in the town of Danville, California.  I am a wife and a mother of three.  I was blessed with 2 daughters in my early 20s and a son in my late 40s.

 I got my first job working as a college Mass Communications professor in an all girls catholic school. As a teenager, I’ve always loved cooking for my 3 siblings and volunteering to teach faith formation to young children.   I have always been fascinated about food and health science and even dabbled at the thought of being a doctor myself.  

 After having my son at the age of 44, I was introduced to the world of Holistic and Integrative Nutrition.  I couldn’t be more immersed and happier at the discovery that it is indeed possible to live a TRULY healthy life. That food is the only medicine in its purest form that could provide nourishment and healing.

Combining both my love for cooking, teaching and nutrition, I took a 180 degrees turn from my Sales & Marketing career to being a Certified Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition & the State University of New York.  And because I love teaching to young kids like my own son, I also took a Certification from Stanford University of Child Nutrition and Cooking.  I was able to introduce my son and family to healthy eating and wholesome cooking.  My nine year old eats practically every thing from sashimi to broiled live crab with much gusto.

 RoundInstructorLogoToday, I am proud and empowered to offer a one-stop-shop for all things healthy & delicious for families (kids and adults) by providing the Healthy Hands Cooking Classes.  Through these classes I hope to empower people through the joy of cooking wholesome meals.  I aim to share my love of food, of people, of health and happiness. Through my classes I look forward to inspire, enliven, revive and entertain my students.